A 1.5 hour goal setting workshop to celebrate your wins, cast a fresh vision for your life + make a specific plan for change.
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Are you exhausted, depleted + need to rediscover hope after a tough season?

Want to make a plan to be more energized + joyful in the next 12 months?

If so, then this goal setting workshop is exactly what you need!

Renew Your Spirit with a Fresh New Plan for What’s Next.

Life is wonderful… but even the best seasons can feel depleting.

It makes sense that you're feeling worn-out and ready for a fresh start, friend.

Join me for this on-demand goal setting workshop where we’ll:

  • honor where you’re at; and 
  • make a grace-based plan for change based on what’s important to you.

Honor What's Hard. Celebrate What's Good.

Cast a Fresh Vision for the Future.

Let’s create your plan for lasting change using a proven 3-step goal setting strategy:

Looking Back

A grace-filled look at what DID happen 

(what was challenging and what we can celebrate)

Looking Around

A honest take on what IS happening 

(what’s working and what’s not)

Looking Forward

A realistic plan for what COULD happen 

(what steps will take us to a better life)

This Is Grace-Based Goal Setting That Works.

Goal-setting doesn’t have to be about pointing out our faults and promising to be different next time. 

(Not a good motivator for change, right?)

Instead, what if goal setting was an exciting and restorative time?

What if goal setting included a way to honor your life, celebrate God’s blessings and renew your perspective on what’s possible?

What if goal setting was practical--focused on life priorities that mattered to you?

What if goal setting was realistic--action-oriented change with room for imperfection?


This is how goal planning was meant to be, and I can't wait to help you discover it in this Goal Setting Workshop!

Limited time offer: 50% off!
Only $97 $47

What Does This Goal Setting Workshop Include?

  • 1.5 hour guided video teaching time with Christian Life Coach Alicia Michelle (on-demand, watch on your schedule)

  • Retreat notebook with powerful scriptures, insightful exercises + meaningful prayers to help you discover clarity and forward momentum

  • Other fun surprises to make this goal setting mini-retreat joyful and life-giving
This is a On-Demand Workshop, which means YOU pick the time to go through the goal-setting process. 

You'll have these goal planning tools at your fingertips whenever you need them. Watch this workshop over and over, anytime you need to set new goals.

This is a tiny investment with radical potential to change your future! 


"There was so much material here! I loved the visualizations, the Bible verses and the prayers after each section. And of course the emphasis on ‘dreaming big’ and pursuing these goals with grace was so helpful."

–Amy M. 

Imagine How DIFFERENT the Future Would Feel If You Had...

  • A fresh vision for the next 6-12 months, including one small change you can make
  • A renewed spirit that celebrates the wins and honors the difficulties of the past 6-12 months
  • Clarity about what’s working (and what’s not) and ideas on how to make grace-filled change
  • A new passion to love God, serve those around you and enjoy your life

You'll walk away with these things (and so much more!) at the end of the Goal Planning Workshop.

What a beautiful way to get a fresh perspective and create an intentional path to the life you want!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Goal Setting Workshop

What is the date/time of the workshop?

Is there a workbook included?

How do you include a spiritual aspect to this goal setting workshop?

How long do I have access to the workshop materials?

I'm Christian Mindset Coach Alicia Michelle, and I invite you to invest this time in yourself to…
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  • Recognize all you've experienced this year
  • Celebrate the good things God has done
  • Notice where you're depleted + need TLC
  • Create plans for more joy + hope!
It’s time to determine your next steps toward the purposeful, meaningful life you desire.

Join me for this special time of reflection, celebrating, + goal setting!

Join Me for this Powerful, Christ-Centered Goal Setting Workshop

Watch this recorded session right now, or anytime you need a fresh start. 
You'll have forever access to the material!
Make this small investment in yourself for more joy, energy + hope in the coming year.

Let’s make an intentional plan that celebrates what’s good, reframes challenges into opportunities and gives you a fresh start for the next chapter.
Limited time offer: 50% off!
Only $97 $47