Create your custom plan for a less stressful + more enjoyable holiday season.

In around 2 hours, you'll:

  • create your custom plan to minimize Christmas stress;
  • gain confidence to say no to holiday activities that don’t support your intention; and 
  • create a flexible holiday schedule to protect your family’s limits. 


I feel so good about being able to put a holiday plan together. 

This feels like a huge head start on the Christmas season like I’ve never had!


Christmas is wonderful, but OH MAN can it drain us.

All the activities to attend. Presents to buy. Gatherings to host.

We're stretched in a thousand directions. 

We’re exhausted by too many obligations (and all the FOMO).

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if Christmas could be a calm + RESTFUL time?

It’s 100% possible. Let me show you how to make THAT kind of a holiday season a REALITY for you this year. 

In under 3 hours, I’ll help you create a simple Christmas plan that gives you the freedom to say yes to the peace + joy of the holidays... and no to the stress, chaos and overwhelm.

Yes you CAN create a Christmas season that invigorates (+ doesn’t drain) your family. This class shows you how!

  • I say yes to too many Christmas activities because I'm afraid  my family will miss out on something fun
  • I’m overwhelmed by all the Christmas to-dos and the pressure to give my family the perfect holiday season
  • I’m extra stressed during the holidays because it brings up painful memories of hurt relationships or lost loved ones
  • I want God to replenish me during the holidays but have no idea how to actually create a calmer holiday season

I want to help you create a DIFFERENT Christmas season this year. 

Let's create your best Christmas season yet with a simple plan 

to cultivate an intentional, blessed atmosphere.

The Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass will give you everything you need to make that happen! Join me!

Through a series of 5 videos (each about 10-20 minutes) I will walk you through the step by step process of creating a Christmas plan that minimizes stress + welcomes in the joy-filled holiday you + your family need. 


Define your Christmas intention based on what’s important to you


Decide which activities you'll say yes to based on that intention


Create boundaries + a weekly plan to say no to stress + yes to your intention


Manage your thoughts + support your intention with Bible study + Christian audio affirmations in 5 min/day

Yes, in a matter of under 3 hours you can have a flexible plan 

to create + support the Christmas season YOU need this year.


I love that what has bothered me about past holidays doesn’t have to bother me again. Having a plan for a different kind of holidays (one that’s more intentionally calm and deals with holiday triggers) feels great!


Step by step video instruction 

to define your holiday intention

Exercises to define what didn't work in the past + determine how to create the holiday season you want this year

Blank calendar to create a flexible outline for each week

Powerful brainstorming worksheets to develop strategies to minimize your holiday stress triggers

Daily Bible-based audio affirmations for holiday calm

Special holiday Bible study that encourages deep connection with God + supports your intention

If we haven't met, I'm Alicia Michelle, author and Christian life coach for women... and for WAY too long, I was busy and stressed out at the holidays. 

Year after year I pushed myself (and my family of 6) way beyond our limits in the name of the “perfect holiday"... and despite all our "good" activities, I wondered: “Why can't I experience God’s peace during Christmas? Why can't I find the replenishment the holidays are supposed to bring?"

I’m so grateful that God showed me a better way: how to welcome in true Christmas peace + a slower pace--without sacrificing family connection + fun. And THAT is what I want to teach you in this Masterclass!

FAQs about the Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass

I don't have a lot of time.  How long will it take me to get through the class and create my plan?

I'm not the "planner" type. Is this class just about creating a Christmas to-do list?

Is this a workbook? Or a live class? Or something else?

What if I get stuck going through the materials?

How long do I have access to the materials?

Do I have to be a Christian to go through the Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass?


I love the idea that we have a choice and we can dream about + plan for the holidays we want. I feel really rejuvenated and rested after going through this Masterclass!


BONUS: 5 min Christian holiday audio affirmation

Discover holiday calm and peace in minutes a day

BONUS: 5-Day “Creating Christmas Calm” Bible Study

Be refreshed by God’s word and keep your focus on Christ this holiday 

BONUS: Holiday Budget Tracker

Make a realistic plan for your holiday expenses so you don’t overspend

BONUS: Christmas Present List

Streamline your holiday shopping and make gift giving extra simple 

Maybe you’re sick of all the rushing around + want more peace this holiday. 

This Masterclass gives you tools to create a holiday schedule that encourages calm + connection.

Are you tired of overcommitting your family + need help with saying no

In this class we'll find out what you really want this holiday so you can confidently set boundaries for your family’s time.

Want to focus more on acts of service and spiritual connection?

Holidays Without Overwhelm helps you brainstorm ideas for spiritual growth + create a plan to make it reality.

Ready to be more organized + prepared for holiday activities? Holidays Without Overwhelm helps you create a plan to streamline + simplify the shopping + decorating that works.

Maybe your biggest holiday stress is from strained family relationships. This Masterclass gives you the confidence to minimize anxiety around these situations.

You won’t just be given a set of printables and left to figure out how to make it work for you.

I’ll be there to walk you through EVERY SINGLE STEP of this process on the videos. 

You'll learn a step by step process to create the holiday you want—with zero guesswork on how to make it happen!  


If you watch the videos and complete the exercises and find that this Masterclass isn't a good fit for you, we offer a full money back guarantee within the first 7 days of purchase. Seriously, you can’t lose! 


I am so thankful to have had Alicia as a coach. She helped me reframe my thoughts and because of that I was able to look to the future with a whole new energy and hope.


Imagine how wonderful it would be to...

  • Enjoy a flexible plan for Christmas activities that will protects your family's limits
  • Have the confidence + tools to overcome challenging people and situations
  • Welcome the holidays from a less stressful mindset 

Join me for the Holidays Without Overwhelm Masterclass and,

 in only a few hours, let’s create your plan for your best Christmas ever--a holiday season with less stress and more joy