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  1. Sure thing! On your phone, go to Apple Podcasts (if you have an iPhone) and scroll down to “Ratings + Reviews” and enter it there. You can also enter reviews on other podcast players like Spotify if you don’t have an iPhone. Thank you so much!

  2. Karen, thank you so much for sharing how Sarah’s story blessed you, and how you are looking to God for wisdom and guidance in this next chapter. And I’m glad you’ll be reading through Sarah’s book! Would you be willing to share this testimony in Apple Podcasts (in the review and rating area)? Thank you in advance as this helps others find the podcast. Grateful and humbled that the podcast is speaking so clearly to you. May you be blessed!

  3. Hi, Alicia Michelle. I just finished listening to your podcast with Sarah Mae. I wanted to listen to it earlier, but was unable to find the appropriate time to do so. I am a disabled mother of triplet girls – now young women – and am currently residing with one of my beautiful angels to assist her through nursing school. Unfortunately, we are in a very toxic relationship which stems from a complicated story of abuse, divorce and many other traumatizing life events. This podcast was such a balm to my soul. I have counseled abused women and was a Christian Life Coach. However, being away from the ministry for a while and living in this toxic relationship has left me questioning myself and my ability to love my daughter through God’s eyes. I am waiting on a copy of Sarah Mae’s new book and am looking forward to the journey God has for me through Sarah Mae’s story. I thank you and Sarah Mae for your work and pray this podcast will continue to bless other women for years to come.

    Karen 🙂

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