Are you intimidated by the idea of teaching your preschooler or kindergartner? That's TOTALLY NORMAL! SO many of us are scared and overwhelmed by homeschooling this age group. Love this mom's suggestions for how to find the peace, freedom (and confidence) to homeschool preschool and kindergarten well (and have FUN too)!

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  1. So far we read books and play and do whatever activities come up. Monkey Boy is 3 now and oh so very very active and busy and moving All.The.Time, so I’m hoping I can find a local group of homeschoolers that might let us tag along at least 1-2x/wk to help him get his energy out, while also continuing his learning through play. I do worry a bit now that we have 2 and will likely add more, but I suppose it’ll all just come and happen at some point 🙂

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