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  1. Wonderful, Kearney! Yes, getting the school papers organized into an easy system that works year after year makes such a difference! I’m excited for you to come back at the end of the school year to get started on organizing!

  2. I need to go back and par down my children’s boxes to this! I saved *everything*…I mean ev-ery-thing! Each year I put large labels on clear storage boxes with the start date, child’s name, school year, etc, and threw all their artwork, writings, projects, report cards, notes, etc in each box. At the end of the school year or summer, I write the “end date”, put the lid on them, and the boxes go up to the attic. Luckily, I have a large attic, but I just don’t need so much of their stuff and want to just save the standouts. Really great idea! I’ll be back once at the end of this school year to get started 🙂

  3. I love this idea! What a great way to keep all the originals organized and nice and neat. My organization with papers tends to end up with me scanning the paper in to keep it digital, but this is an awesome idea for the keeping the originals!

  4. Hi there! YES, I actually have four boxes because I have four kids! I have a few ideas. You can find a corner in a room (for us it’s our schoolroom) where there’s space and stack them vertically. Or you could hide them in a closet (stacked vertically or on top of a shelf). Or, you could put one in each child’s room somewhere. Or of course there’s the garage. But I prefer to keep them fairly front and center so that I don’t forget about them and so I don’t let things pile up. Great question… thanks for asking!

  5. Hello! Great idea, but was wondering if there were any clever ideas for storing the boxes? What if you have three boxes? Any way to mask it into the decor? Thanks!

  6. I’ve been thinking about starting this for my daughter. How big is the box you use? I know they come in different sizes, and I just can’t decide which would be best. Thanks!

  7. Holy cow I’m obsessed!!! I love this idea! My daughter is 3 and I’m already overwhelmed with how to keep them all safe until I have time to put them in a book and everything. And then trying to decide what to keep what not to, its just overwhelming ha. This gives me that sigh of relief feeling so thank you. Awesome job!

  8. Hi Jennifer! I store my bins in a corner of our schoolroom, but your could store them in a closet or somewhere else out of the way. In terms of papers that are too big… we either (carefully) fold them in half, or we take a picture of them and put the picture in the box.
    Hope that’s helpful!

  9. I love this idea, but I have two questions:
    1) Where do you store your bins?
    2) What do you do with the papers that are too large for the bin?

    Thanks ahead of time!

  10. Wonderful! I’m so excited for you to get organized, Allison! And you’re right–what a great gift idea for a friend or loved one who has a child about to start school!

  11. This is so cool!!!! My son is about to start kindergarten and I cannot wait for all the little things he makes. I will let you

  12. I love this!! Just purchased it! I am using for all of my kiddos and I am making one for my sister! It’s a perfect gift for my nephew when he starts preschool!! 🙂

  13. This is great. I’ve added it to my Family Fun Friday link party. I needed some good organizing posts to feature for next week and this would be perfect.

  14. Thanks!! I was just looking at all the hoarded crafts, papers etc brought home by my LO and feeling overwhelmed. Headed to the store today to get supplies. Since we will have 2 starting preschool in the fall I def want to get organized. Planning to let them decorate/stickers x1000 the outside of their bin! Thanks for the idea!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

  15. Hi Kati! Thanks for asking! Here’s the list of supplies needed (along with the “My Memory Box” printable):

    • 1 plastic file folder box (I like this one), with a lid and an inside lip in which to hang letter-sized folders. This silver/clear one is good because you can see inside:
    • 15 letter-sized hanging file folders with corresponding plastic tabs:
    • Glue sticks
    • Scissors and/or a 12-inch paper trimmer:

    Enjoy and happy organizing!


  16. I know this is an older blog, but do you remember what brand the container/lid were?

  17. Awesome! I’m glad you like the idea! We have to keep all the papers for our homeschool charter as well. Here’s what I do: After each time we meet with our advisor, I grab those papers or artwork that we’d like to keep as treasures for the box. I’m not sure how it’s set up for you, but we have to give them a sample from that time period from each subject, so we’re left with a lot of materials that we can keep ourselves or discard. Anyway… food for thought for how it could work for you in your situation! Blessings!

  18. Hi Deanna! Thank you! I’m glad you found the organizing kids school papers post helpful! And I’m glad you’re finding lots of encouragement and ideas at Your Vibrant Family! Have a great day.

  19. Hi Marilyn! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know that it’s hard to think about organizing all of those papers… been there! I hope this system can be helpful for you!

  20. This is sooo cute! We homeschool and have to keep everything they have done for legal reasons to prove we did do school. However, if I had my kids in public or private school I would totally take on this idea. Love it!

  21. It’s too late! My kids are grown but I do hate paper stacking! (see insta photo today…) (Working on a retreat speaking talk…paper paper) Your kids are blessed. Just sayin’

  22. I need to finally sit down and do this. I have a fridge, front and back door and two drawers full of my granddaughters papers and she is only 7! Thank ypu for sharing at #overthemoon. I wouldlove for you to link up at Thursday Favorite Things also!

  23. I was just thinking yesterday how I need a system for all of my daughter’s artwork. She hasn’t even started school yet and I have a box full.
    I really like that your daughter helped you make this too. What a great activity for you two to do together. <3 it!!

    Thanks for sharing with Everything Kids Link & Pin Party. We hope you share with us next week too! Your blog is full of fantastic ideas!!

  24. Thank you, Renee! Oh, it is so hard to go through those things, isn’t it? So, so bittersweet. Mine oldest is 13 and I can’t even imagine what I’ll feel when he’s 18!

  25. This is a great idea for keeping those priceless treasures from our children. My oldest is 18 and has graduated High School. It warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I look through the things he made when he was a little one.

  26. Kimberlee, thank you so much! I have found this to be the only way that has worked for us over the years. You could always go back and organize it like this if you wanted to. I had to do that with some of my older kids when we started the system. I appreciate the share!

  27. This is a great idea – wish I would have found it and started it years ago as my oldest is now a senior and the other 2 are freshmen in high school. I have their things in a storage box but it is not labeled and organized – just kind of thrown in there and the boxes are in their closets. Pinned this to share with others.

  28. A friend of mine did this system on her blog a couple years back, and I modified it to store pictures of my kids, instead of schoolwork. I have the same box with a folder for each child, and all their studio portraits are inside.

  29. Hi there! Thank you so much for letting me know! We tried to catch as many of these old links as we could when we did the site changeover, but this one must have slipped through! Thank you… they are updated now! 🙂

  30. Hi Stephanie! I got these filing boxes with lids at Staples. 🙂 I like them too because they have a little lip on the insides of the box so that they can hold the hanging files properly. In my previous attempts to try to organize school papers, I’d tried to use just a regular bin, and the hanging folders fell everywhere, which was super annoying!

  31. I love this idea! I have a affection for the filing crates at Wal-Mart can you tell me where you got this filing box with the lid? Thanks!

  32. Hi Esther! Thanks for the feedback! I think you and I are looking at this project in two separate ways… neither is wrong or right, just different. I designed the My Memory Box system to be something where you make the decision about whether or not to keep the paper *before* you put it in the box. It sounds like you’re saying you’d use the My Memory Box as a way to store *all* the papers and then you would choose your favorites at the end of the year. That would work too. I need to make myself purge *before* it goes in the box… otherwise I would just end up with another box full of papers that felt out-of-control and unorganized. 🙂

  33. I would have done the labels by month. It will take forever to fill up by grade. And one grade folder will be overflowing. Do by month. Then at the end of the year decide keeper or not. Or take a picture of it or keep the real thing. Then transfer all the keepers to a box. Then startover for next year.

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