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  1. Thank you so much for doing this, I’m only half way through the first podcast and I love it!

  2. Hi Crystal! What a beautiful testimony of how God works through community and friendship to share His life-changing Truth! I’m humbled and thrilled to hear that this message brought you comfort and allowed you to understand more about God’s love. Praise be to Him! I would love it if you could share this testimony on iTunes in the podcast reviews. This encourages others to listen and to be potentially changed by messages like this about God’s love. I would be so grateful if you could share that here in iTunes:
    Just scroll down to “Ratings & Reviews” and share it here. (You can even copy and paste if that’s easier). Praying now for relief from your pain and for God’s comfort to help you through this time. Also FYI, I deal with some ongoing chronic pain and I will be sharing my story (and how God helps me through it) in an upcoming podcast episode!

  3. Hi Alicia i woukd just like to say thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. Believe it or not you’re definitely a blessing from God himself. I currently have a knee issue, actually its an old injury. It’s swollen at it’s at its worst, the pain is ridiculous. My cartilage is worn out, it bone rubbing against bone. A few days ago i was so angry with God, questioning his love and how can you actually love someone and brought them or see them in so much pain. Later on that night i cried out and i apology and beg for his forgiveness. I was a bit depressed and i really couldn’t handle the pain. So i decided to google search how to get closer to God, i then came acrossed your site. Everything you spoke about is exactly how i been feeling. I looked forward to this new journey with your guidance and blessings. My knee has been hurting even more since i started your spiritual growth, but i’m learning to live in God’s love and one day i promise to share my entire knee history testimony with you. God’s blessing.

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