It takes work and lots of intentional bonding with our kids through these sometimes challenging years to maintain a strong relationship with a tween or teen. There's no perfect formula, but what if there were mindsets we could adopt as parents that would allow us to maintain strong relationships with our kids as they change and discover who they are? Here are four important principles I've learned about bonding with my kids.

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  1. Hi Mary! Yes! This is something the enemy uses all the time to keep us in bondage, right? We have to continually train ourselves to live in the moment, do what He tells us to in the moment, and then trust Him for the future results.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Parenting from fear can be tough to over come. “Because I do love my children, and want their lives to be filled with joy and for them to become adults with healthy self-esteem, I panic when I see behaviors that won’t reap these results.” So true for me! Thank God, perfect love casts out all fear. Not my perfect love, but His.

    Thank you for this post!

  3. Hi, Lindsey! I am a mama-to-be, so I’m not speaking from parenting experience here, but I was a middle school teacher for 8 years. I can say from THAT experience that authenticity is huge with kids at this age. They have amazing BS detectors – they notice when you tell them to do one thing and do another yourself, or when you say you’ll do something but don’t follow through. Be honest and real with them and treat them with the respect that a budding adult deserves. They are watching you and thinking about things more than you know. I LOVE kids at this age!

    Bookmarking this post for a few years down the road. 🙂

  4. We’re just entering the tween years and I can already see a lot of this. I just try to smile, encourage, and love them no matter what while holding them responsible for their actions.

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