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  1. We are right in the middle of ‘young kid season’ and have decided there are more important things than keeping the house spotlessly clean. It’s too much effort to go around picking up after a couple of toddlers all day.

  2. Although not a homeschooling parent I can relate to #2. We babysit our grandkids through the week. I have learned to just calm down about the house. thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

  3. Thank you, Trena! Yes, it’s OK for us to all have our own way to getting it done, right?! Appreciate your feedback!

  4. Excellent post. What is “right” for one family may not meet the needs of the next family when it comes to cleaning/chores. Thanks for sharing with #What to Read Wednesday. Hope to have you back next week.

  5. Thank you! I think accepting that things need to be flexible can bring so much freedom! Thank you for sharing and stopping by!

  6. Thank you, Susan! I agree that flexibility is the KEY to successfully running a homeschool. Our lives are constantly in flux and we need to be aware of those changes and be moving with that flow. My book “Plan to Be Flexible” and my “rhythm” course talk about that. I also like how you said that when you are flexible it “reduces the feeling that you are ‘failing.'” Absolutely true! If we can realize that, we can have the correct expectations about our daily school rhythm and understand that if things are working it doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing things “right.” Thank you for sharing your insight!

  7. Good point about being flexible over the years. We had a system that worked great for us in our old house, but doesn’t work here.

  8. Excellent post. I can’t tell you how many times in the last 20 years we’ve changed our schedule. And I’m not just talking changing every year, but semester to semester and month to month as kids adopt new interests and become part of different activities. Building in the flexibility is essential, and it reduces the feeling that you are ‘failing’ or falling behind because you couldn’t stick with an etched-in-stone plan.

  9. Kristy, great idea! Yeah, in our house, our kids have to finish all their schoolwork and chores before any free time. We’re a firm believer in everyone working together to keep the house running. 🙂

  10. Excellent post.

    We don’t homeschool, but right after homework (or before, if they want to move around first – it’s up to them), the kids have chores. One kid does the dishes daily. (I do any extra loads.) The 6 year old does a bunch of little things, like emptying trash bins, bringing all dirty clothes to one hamper, and sweeping under the table!

    My kids don’t even realize that not doing chores is an option. Ha ha!

  11. Thank you! Yes, I love to “glean and tweak” ideas too! 🙂 Appreciate your comments. 🙂

  12. Great post! I love gleaning from what other moms are doing…then tweaking it to work for our family. Thanks for sharing this!

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