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  1. Hi Penny! I think it depends on the maturity of your child, but we’ve started our kids on the Narnia audio dramas and they seem to glean great wisdom and encouragement from it at all ages. Hope that’s helpful!

  2. Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. I’m wondering which one will be suitable for a 5-year-old? Thanks!

  3. I had this audio cassette book as a child in the early 90s (and maybe late 80s, I don’t recall). It’s long gone now, and I cannot remember its name. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to find its name several times over the years. I remember each sibling had a glass heart. One of them was blue, and I believe the other was red. I don’t remember which was broken. There was a mentor-type adult character, too, though I can’t remember much about him beyond the fact that it was a guy. And there were some songs on the casette as part of the story as well.

    If anyone knows the name of this audio book, please post it. Just to get this nagging half-memory out of my head.

  4. I remember hearing a christian read along in the late 90s. I have been searching for the name of the story and I’ve had no luck! All i can remember was it was about a sister and brother and they were going to a radio show. To play the song you needed a glass heart and one of them broke theirs. I loved it so much and i know my kids would love it too!

  5. I know this is an old post, but a few other vintage radio dramas one can obtain on CD or mp3 are:
    The Sugar Creek Gang, Sailor Sam, Ranger Bill…these may be worth checking out for those interested in past works, then there are the Red Rock Mysteries…all of these would be okay for the younger set, as they are less intense, but still entertaining and teach some values.

  6. Uncle Bob’s Nature Corner is a great young kids creation story with about 500 story’s for $50 on mp3 drive.

  7. Hi Jennifer! Hmmm… I’m not sure. I would say that Adventures in Odyssey are some of the milder ones. Perhaps it might make sense to wait until your kids are a bit older or only choose those episodes that you’ve pre-screened?

  8. Are there any that are particularly good for younger children (6 and under)? Some of the themes in Adventures in Oddesey are a little too intense for my sensitive kids. Thanks for this great list!

  9. Not sure if you or anyone else would know the answer to this but I’ve been searing for a particular story for years. I used to listen to it over and over again. I remember there was a boy who wanted new skates but had to earn them so he sold a bunch of his things to get the money for them. There is a song in the story that says, “I want, I want, I want, I want, I want, I need! There are so many things I want, so many things I need”. That’s about all I can remember about the story. I know it was basically about selfishness. This story would have been released in the mid to late 80’s. Thank you to anyone who can help!

  10. Wonderful stories! My siblings and I also enjoy listening to the Kingdom series and the Knights of Arrethtrae audio dramas by Chuck Black. Medieval type stories that parallel stories in the Bible in a very engaging way.

  11. Eric, Maybe I misunderstood your comment. Jonathan Park is all about science! The entire series is all about how teaching science and creation together. Actually, your last few sentences “faith and science working together towards the same goal, truth. If we honestly have faith in God, then we should also have faith that by looking at creation it will give us evidence of God. Science is the study of God’s creation, we shouldn’t be scared of that, we should embrace it. God is revealed both through scripture and through the creation.” sound like they were taken right out of a JP episode! They continuously use creation to point toward evidence of God. Every episode is filled with science, nature, the bible, and how they all work together. We love the entire series and have learned a lot from them!

  12. Thanks for this list! You should definitely look into Your Story Hour ( They have a bible story series, true stories series, & historical series. We are listening to the story of Henry Ford right now! These stories are all dramatized well and are accurate. Some are short (25 min) while others are long (Henry Ford is about 1 hour and George Washington is about 2 hours). But here is one of the BEST things about YSH…. You have the option to download individual stories for only $2.00 each! I love Jonathan Park and Adventures in Odyssey but I can’t always afford to fork out $20-$40 at one time. I love that I can go to YST and spend $8.00 and get enough new stories for that weekend’s trip!!!

  13. I love the BBC Chronicles of Narnia series, the more people who get exposed to C.S. Lewis the better. However I’m extremely opposed to and saddened by the continued anti-science of things like Jonathan Park. The Church doesn’t have a great track record with being opposed to science, and this is still an area where some Christians are doing themselves a disservice by not being open to the overwhelming evidence of an old earth. Not just scientific evidence, but lots of strong biblical support as well. I also think parents are doing their children a disservice by not being open to faith and science working together towards the same goal, truth. If we honestly have faith in God, then we should also have faith that by looking at creation it will give us evidence of God. Science is the study of God’s creation, we shouldn’t be scared of that, we should embrace it. God is revealed both through scripture and through the creation.

  14. What a great list! I’ll be saving it for later. My husband and I LOVE the Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre series…have listened to it many times! I can’t wait for my kids (now toddlers) to get juuuust a little older and be able to truly appreciate great listening content like the resources you’ve mentioned! Thanks for putting this together!

  15. Just FYI for those who care about such things, the Heirloom Audio Productions seem to be Abridged from the authors original work. G.A. Henty is amazing for learning history, and I don’t know what they cut out, but from the ones we have read I would hate to miss anything. We have listened to several audio books of his and have loved them.

  16. Great list Alicia! I wanted to be sure you knew about Patch the Pirate, Character Building Adventures by You can listen to a new free episode each week at I grew up on them, and my kids are now learning the lessons and character songs. We LOVE them.

  17. Great list of audio dramas! We listened to most of these as the kids were growing up. I wholeheartedly agree that these are all quality audio dramas (with the exception of the C.S. Lewis ones – I haven’t heard any of those). My favorite Adventures in Odyssey is one not on the list…Album 57: The Green Ring Conspiracy! It is definitely worth listening to, but I would caution that it may be most suitable for teens and not small children.

  18. Hi Catherine! Yes, my husband and I are captivated by the stories too! They are a wonderful time of escape (and learning!) for all of us. 🙂 I hope you find some new classics from this list to share with your family!

  19. Our kids love Adventures in Odyssey. So nice to see other options to add to our list. The kids and even us adults get so absorbed into the stories. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Not a Christian series but we LOVED the 39 Clues series. The reader is AMAZING!!! The books go around the world and include some historical fiction

  21. Great list! Thank you! Second for “The Brinkman Adventures.” First CDs that got us hooked on audio adventures. Blessings and thanks!

  22. Hi Phyllis! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, one of the reasons why I put together this post is that many people asked me for a list of all of our family’s favorite audio dramas, and I have to admit that it’s been nice for me too to have a centralized list! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Hi Eva! Yes, we love audio dramas! They are just the best! And thank you for the invite to your directory! I will add Vibrant Homeschooling to your list! 🙂

  24. That one looks great! Thank you for sharing. I am adding it to the list! 🙂

  25. How about Jungle Doctor Collection 01. It’s 11 CDs of fabulous stories about an Australian Missionary doctor in Africa. Our whole family adore this set of stories. Highly recommend these.

  26. Adventures in Odyssey and Down Gilead lane are great, there is also one by Your Story Hour, and Keys 4Kids, all very good.

  27. Laura, thank you for featuring it! And I’m so glad that it has given you some ideas! They are so awesome for long road trips! 🙂 Blessings!

  28. What a great list! Our family always listens to books on CD on our road trips, and we have a long one coming up this summer. Thanks to you I have plenty ideas! I will be featuring this post tomorrow at the Thoughtful Spot! Thanks for linking it up!

  29. Hi everyone! I added “The Brinkman Adventures” and “Down Gilead Lane” to the post! Thanks for the great suggestions! I looked at some of the other suggestions given and while they also sounded good, many of these were audio books instead of audio dramas (meaning that they were narrated by one person instead of being a true audio drama with actors and sound effects, etc). If you guys think of more, let’s keep adding them!

  30. The BBC used to produce wonderful dramatized audio programs, I do not know if they are still available….my oldest daughter is almost 31 and my youngest is 16, so we started the home school journey quite some time ago. We loved The Wind in the Willows, and the BBC productions of The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings. I know there is also a David Copperfield. We also loved the weekly series by World Vision called Jungle Jam and Friends.

  31. I love this list so much!! You missed the Brinkman Adventures, though. It’s sooo good and my kids request them more than any other audio drama.

  32. Thank you for the list! We have quite a few of these, but some of them are new and we are going to have to check them out!

  33. Awesome, Rosie! Thanks for sharing. You guys are giving us even more awesome resources to check out!

  34. I second the Brinkman Adventures. Our boys love listening to them over and over. 1 season usually lasts us for months as that is all they want to hear while we are in the car. It is neat to watch the kids pick up on different things are they get a bit older, or as they start to remember certain parts of the stories and so are able to focus in on other parts.

  35. I’m loving these ideas! I will have to check these out! Thank you, Beth, for sharing!

  36. We’ve loved many of these over the years (I have a 4 grown kids and a 10 year old), but I’d also add “Down Gilead Lane” from Childrens Bible Hour (or CBH as they now call themselves.) It’s a great family-oriented 12-season story about faith and how it looks in real life. My 10 year old and I have just discovered the Cooper Kids series audio dramas by Frank Peretti (my older kids read the books). They are “edge of the seat” suspenseful, but also faith affirming.

  37. Wow, Cindy, now that sounds lovely. 🙂 What a great way to use audio dramas! Thanks for sharing!

  38. Love this list! Our boys fall asleep every night to either Maestro’s Classics or A.A. Milne (Complete Tales and Poems).

  39. Hi Jenn! Yes, our family never tires of listening to the Narnia series. Every time I listen to it, I am touched in a new way! And yes, Anne of Green Gables is also awesome!

  40. Jodie,

    Oooooh… I will have to check those out! Our family is always on the lookout for new audio dramas! Thanks for sharing!

  41. So many of these are favorite with my family! I’m excited to see a few new ideas though! We loved the Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe and And if Green a gables best of all, I think.

  42. Thank you, Leanne! It feels great to have all of them in one spot. People have asked me several times over the years for my audio drama recommendations and now I have a place to send them. 🙂

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