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  1. Sandra, your story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. I am so sorry to hear about how you and your dear husband are suffering. But I rejoice in your attitude and joy through the situation! It is never easy to walk the road of chronic illness (my husband and I still walk it everyday with his Diabetes) but we have a choice as to how we can embrace each other through it. I am praying for you right now. It is so challenging… but also wonderful to have a hero too. Praying for strength in your marriage and continued spiritual growth for your whole family. Blessings.

  2. Two weeks ago, my husband suffered a stroke. I am thankful he is not paralyzed, and is able to walk and talk . However, my beloved suffered a stroke that took away most of his vision, and greatly impaired his short term memory.

    M<y own hero, my husband, is an inspiration. He is doing as much on his own that he can. He does not waste any time feeling sorry for himself. He has a weak heart that is in permanent atrial fibrillation, and is at Stage 5 Kidney Disease. He is close to dialysis.

    I do a lot of praying. I try to do my part with the appointments, assisting him with taking his medicines, driving, etc.

    He is determined to be a role model for his children, taking everything in stride, dealing with everything that is going on. He is a very strong Christian…he is my hero, my inspiration.

  3. Hi Tabitha,

    Yes, it is hard to watch your hubby suffer. But our hope is in Christ, and it’s in Him that we can lean during this difficult times. I’m grateful that he can use every situation to grow us closer in marriage, to increase our love for each other, and to increase our love for Him. Thank you for sharing your heart here!

  4. Thank you for this!!! Just knowing that there are other wives dealing with this uninvited guest, was a comfort to me. It is so painful to be the person that has to watch their spouse suffer. Knowing his body’s best days are behind you, is a tough pill to swallow.

  5. Unfortunately I have walked this road and it did not end well. If your husband vomits, please please please take it very seriously. I did not feel our diabetes educators emphasized this enough and as a result we had a (fortunately rare) bad outcome. I love your perspective on this! (((Hugs)))

  6. Hi Christie. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be to live in a situation like that. While it’s hard for me to give a quick answer to a very complex question like that, I would highly encourage you to seek out counsel from a trusted friend or pastor that can guide you through this very challenging situation. You should not stay in a place where you or your children could be harmed. Thank you for your honesty and your bravery in sharing here. Praying right now for restoration and peace in your marriage, and for healing for your husband.

  7. What if the longtime illness is alcoholism and it makes him extremely mean and hateful. I’ve been trying to deal with it for years, he moved out. Not sure where to turn or what to do.

  8. Jessica, thank you for sharing. Ironically, you’re not the only one who has shared this sentiment (about being the one who has the illness). There is definitely another side to this and it’s something that we may choose to pursue at a future point. I think it would be especially applicable from a women’s point of view. Thanks for that feedback!

  9. I enjoyed reading this. Unfortunately I the one am the one with the chronic illness(es). I’ve been battling a neuro condition that keeps almost taking my eyesight. I’ve had multiple eye and brain surgeries. And have recently been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder as well. I’d love a post on how to handle it from the ill persons perspective.

  10. Hi Dawn! I’m touched that our story inspired and encouraged you. We all have our stories of how God strengthens our marriages using that “third strand,” right?! Thank you for sharing your story about your friend as well!

  11. I’ve never tackled something like this in my marriage but I’m inspired by your story. Yes, I believe that a marriage, as a “strand of three cords” is strongest. I have watched a close family friend get diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. They found it during her pregnancy. It changed her life and that of her whole family. She has also been blessed with a supportive spouse. That makes such a difference.
    Thank you for linking up with Grace and Truth last week!

  12. Thanks for this wonderful post about chronic illness in your marriage. I’m the one who is sick in my marriage, so it’s interesting to hear from the other side. I’m very blessed to have a husband who takes good care of me and prays for me, too. You sound like you are doing everything right to help him and keep your marriage strong 🙂

  13. Marilyn, oh thank you so much for your poignant words. Your story is a beautiful one, not because it’s an easy and “happy” one, but because it signals the true purpose of marriage: to love and lean on each other. Only someone who struggles with these kind of ongoing health issues understands how even the hardest of circumstances can drive a couple straight to each other’s arms. I love your heart, and how you don’t take a single day for granted. We are blessed indeed to have our wonderful husbands. May you continue to enjoy your beautiful life together as well. I am planning to write a follow-up to this piece very soon, and I pray you will be able to check it out and it will encourage you as well. Blessings to you today, my friend.

  14. This is such a poignant post that I made it my choice for a featured blog post at the Over the Moon Link Party #7 starting this Sunday evening at 6 PM ET. Congrats and thanks for sharing it!

  15. My husband of 40 years was given the diagnosis of multiple myeloma 10 yeas ago. This is a blood disease that trashes the blood cells and organs. There is no cure, but they can treat the effects and proling the onset of a secondary cancer. He was in great health and this reason as well as eating well and exercising has allowed him to live past the time espected. We lean on each other. I try to be there for him but it seems to work the other way around. I am dependant on him for so much as my health issues are chronic. We spend our retirement in specialists offices and take every day blessing the Lord for allowing us to wake up. We don’t take any day for granted.
    I wish you a long life and time together. Your story hit me hard. Thank you for writing it.

  16. This was such a great and sending to prayers to anyone who is in need, because My Father Christ Jesus is so kind enough to hand them out…

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