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  1. Roseanne! Wonderful to meet you. Oh my goodness, yes, we HAVE to search for those little triumphs, especially for kids like ours that might have a few extra obstacles blocking their path. God so desperately wants to encourage us with these moments! He’s saying, “Of course imperfection and the challenges still exist. But keep doing all that I’m asking you to do here. My love for you–and for this precious little one–will work all of this out in the end.” It’s like he gives us these moments as tiny glimpses of the ultimate work that he’s doing behind the scenes. They are pure gifts from Him! It’s taken me a long time to realize this and to truly be OK with the imperfections still present. But I trust that He is good, and so I will keep on searching for these incredible moments of encouragement along the path. Roseanne, I am blessed to have heard from you!

  2. Alicia, First off, I love that quote (Emerson), and thanks for introducing me to it! This is such a blessing and encouragement 🙂 I have one (actually my girl) who struggles in similar ways and the truths in this post are things I will hold onto. I am also a homeschooling mom. And that ice skating part, this really is a precious story! Praise him <3

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