What are the secrets to a strong marriage, even in the hectic homeschooling lifestyle? 15 homeschool bloggers share how their marriages are thriving through the homeschool years. Great wisdom and resources here to encourage your marriage.

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  1. I liked reading this a lot, a lot of good reminders. We try to do most of these things, and it helps a lot. We pretty much spend time together alone after the kids are in bed every night. Right now good-night kisses sometimes get skipped if they aren’t remembered before I settle in for the night because I’m bug and pregnant right now…it’s hard to move once you lay down! But we have been blessed a million times over in the last year, one of those things being a new house, and it has made the world of difference to us. We have the space for the million and one things that we do, and life is more organized which helps us to feel less stressed, more friendly, and more willing to communicate. It was hard before because I always felt I needed to justify my reasoning behind everything (I didn’t, but felt like it), and now things are much easier and make more sense. I feel like we have grown a lot as a couple since the move. I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation to do a few things. First, decide what your end goal is in life, where do you want to be? People often think their situation is irreversible, but it’s not. If you work together for a common goal to make ALL of your lives better, (not just the kids) you can find a way. Declutter. Get the mess out of your life. Define what is essential to you as a couple, as a family, for the place you are now. Clearing the excess will clear the clutter in your head and make communication easier. Be willing to compromise with each other, come to an understanding about what you value in your homeschool. Lastly, don’t be stubborn like me, TALK to your spouse about what’s going on in your head, they aren’t a mind reader! It only adds stress for everybody!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your heart here. I agree that loving each other and being a part of each other’s lives is so essential. I feel like our family’s rhythm and dynamics are constantly in flux, and so I also try to think, “How can I keep the main things the main things in our home and marriage?” And for us, that closeness and building up comes in prayer too. We do pray together throughout the week as needed (and try to connect at the end of each day by sitting outside for about 20-30 minutes and talking), but we take Sunday afternoon after church as a main time to connect and say, “Let’s be real with each other about what’s going on, and let’s cover our entire family for the week.” And I love your prayer request to have the same mind in Christ! Yes, this is so needed!

  3. I think right now we are just working on loving one another and being a part of each other. I really feel prayer is one of the biggest builders of our marriage for me. We don’t always pray together (though I treasure every moment when we do) but I find that prayer really helps me see the big picture and my husband through God’s eyes. And I think lately my prayer has been that we have the same mind in Christ, which I think makes a huge difference.

  4. Amy, thank you! Yes, time with our husbands is so essential. My husband and I feel that praying together over our kids is one of the best things we can do for them. Demonstrating how we feel about our husband (and vice versa) through everyday interactions speaks volumes to them. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Alicia, I found this post extremely helpful! So important to focus on our marital relationships-sets a great example for our children. I love how you included making time for prayer with your husband-yes!! We often focus so much on teaching our kids these valuable lessons but neglect the one who helped us bring them into the world! Thanks for the timely reminders

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