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  1. Hi Jan! First of all, welcome to homeschooling and the wonderful adventures on this journey with your son! I completely understand how overwhelming homeschooling can be.

    While I would imagine that rhythm-based homeschooling would work in a high school setting, that is a stage that I haven’t homeschooled yet (my oldest is in 7th grade) so I want to be totally honest about that. In homeschooling as a whole, we want to move our kids toward more and more independent, child-led learning because, like parenting, we are slowly turning the reins over to them. Therefore, rhythm-based homeschooling makes sense for the stage too. However, there is that added tension of needing to fulfill certain requirements for graduation (a very important concern for college admission), and so parents have to make sure that kids are completing certain courses. I think there can be a good balance between the two, especially if there is a strong foundation between a parent and child.

    I would highly recommend checking out Lee Binz at She has been a resource in this area for a long time and coaches parents through this stage of homeschooling. Hope that is helpful! Hang in there as you figure this out!

  2. Alicia,
    This year I began a homeschool journey with my 14-year old son, basically a high school curriculum. As a homeschool newbie, I have been overwhelmed with the variety of homeschool high school plans from online research and local connections. We’re still trying to find the plan that works for us. (Ups and downs…) From what I’ve read about the concept of rhythm-based plans, they seem to “fit” us. I’d like to know more about how to implement this concept with all the HS requirements. Are your books or classes applicable to the older student or more for elementary education? Do you have any suggestions for books or websites that plan for older students, using your rhythm-based concepts?
    Thank you,

  3. Hi LeAnn! Thank you for letting me know about the links! I’m not sure why they weren’t working, but I’ve updated them now and they work. 🙂 We only open access to our online video courses at certain points in the year. We will open access to “rhythm” in early summer when it’s getting close to back-to-school time. You can go to this link: and put your name on the list to be notified when the course opens again.

    In the meantime, may I suggest one of my books that discuss homeschool planning: Plan to Be Flexible or The Back to School Survival Manual Thanks, and may you enjoy finding your family’s learning flow!

  4. I was interested in the rhythm videos, but they seem to be gone. Is there another link to them? Thanks.

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