At some point in your homeschool journey, I'm guessing you've asked yourself this question: "Can I really teach my child?" While this is normal, and even appropriate at times (we should self-examine), please know that are enough. And not just enough, but here are a few compelling reasons why you...yes, you can teach your child the best. We're sharing our family's testimonies to this fact in this post. Don't miss it!

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  1. Debbie, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart and prayers go out to you.
    But I am so glad that this post encouraged you. (You might be wondering why I’m saying this, but I am actually the guest author who wrote this post.) I just wanted to personally respond to this comment and tell you that though you feel encouraged, I feel encouraged too. Sometimes we write and write not realizing that it really is making a difference. It warms my heart to know my words encouraged someone.
    I definitely do pray that your homeschooling journey is a joyous one. You have many women here ready to help! The best to you and yours, Lindsey. XO

  2. Debbie, what a story! Oh my goodness. Thank you for you transparency and honesty. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s tragic death. Nothing can replace the loss of a child. Nothing. It is beautiful to hear how God has allowed you to carry on with two new blessings. I am praying right now for you that He will give you all you need to homeschool these little ones. Be strong and He will be faithful to show you every day how to individually homeschool these little ones.

  3. if i had only had these encouragements 20 years ago. my eldest son begged me to homeschool him and i didnt know i could. i didnt feel smart enough. He passed away 3 weeks of his 9th grade year. i had horrible ordeals with teachers from grade K through 8th grade. he was a very intelligent child, bored in all his classes. if i would have home schooled him, he would be here with us today. he caught the swine flu in 2009 and within 48 hours we lost him. my husband and i decided to have 2 more children after our sons passing, thanks to God we did because i had my tubes tied 13 years prior to having my youngest 2 children(had a 100% effective tubal reversal). now here we are, 6 years later, after our oldest sons death..starting all over with my daughter aymee( 5yrs old) and isaac(3).. thanks to all the home schoolers for encouragment because i wouldnt have thought i could do it. pray for us as we start our first homeschooling this year. God bless!

  4. LOL! Yep. Love that “what makes you think you’re qualified to teach” line. I’ve heard it many times too… sigh. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Blessings to you as you homeschool your little ones!

  5. Nothing infuriates me more than when teachers say things like “what makes you think your qualified to teach”? Um.. I’m pretty sure I know my child better than anyone else on the PLANET. Don’t tell me what I am or am not qualified to do with MY child! Ohhhhhh it burns me up! Great post. Thank you!

  6. Kristie, yes, I agree we need to focus on the good days! Those bad days do happen, but we can’t let them define our experience. Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing!

  7. Thank you for reminding me of some of the important reasons that we homeschool. We have some tough days, but we have many more good days! And, it is so true that we know our children better than anyone else ever could.

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