Are you a homeschool family on a tight budget (like my family is)? It’s still possible to homeschool well, even when money is tight! Here are 18 secrets that can save you money big time! #18 and #6 are my favorite…

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  1. also be sure to ask your library about interlibrary loans. With my library I can borrow books from almost anywhere in the world !

  2. Check with your local school district to see if they are giving away obsolete textbooks and other resources. When I was a public school teacher, our district usually had free give away days open to the public. Even if the resources are considered obsolete, it is usually because there is a new textbook adoption. I always found many useful materials to use as supplementary materials for my classroom.

  3. love your advise. Any suggestions for someone who has a child with multiple learning problems and needs help finding a curriculum for a child with a second grade reading and writing but a 6th grade math. she is suppose to be in 7th grade. but we are on a up hill climb sense a teacher told her she was to dumb to learn to read. that’s why I’m homeschooling her.

  4. Great suggestions! I’d add garage sales and thrift stores. If you still need new curriculum then you can often get a discount and save the shipping by purchasing at a homeschool convention.

  5. We love the library! We get all our free reading books there and quite a few of the ones I use for our curriculum as well.
    Praying over curriculum choices –love that. I have been debating on math and praying a lot lately over it.

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