We are busy moms! There's always SO MUCH going on. And yet, the best way we can show our kids love is not necessarily to "do more" for them, but to spend more time with them. But how can this happen when we're always being pulled a million directions? Great parenting resources here for developing deep relationships with kids--even in the midst of a busy life.

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  1. Yes!! I totally agree, Rebecca! And I LOVE your story about the trampoline! I had a similar moment the other night with my kids while they were jumping rope. I said, “Hey, I can jump rope with you!” They were delighted. So the turned the rope and I jumped in. Once. And only once. That’s because I had a searing pain in my ankle (the ankle I completely destroyed about 3 months ago in gymnastics). Yeah, clearly, jumping rope isn’t possible for me right now. But, hey, my heart was in the right place!!! LOL

  2. So true Alicia! It isn’t about going out and doing the big date nights, it’s about getting down on their level for a few minutes to do what matters to them! It doesn’t even have to take forever! The other day I ran outside (kids thought they were in trouble) and jumped on the trampoline with them. I quickly realized after 5 babies, I need to do more kegels! But it was so worth it! They were outrageously shocked “MOM, YOU’RE ON THE TRAMPOLINE!!!!!!!!” It was the highlight of their week, no joke. Thanks for sharing my friend! Tweeting it out to cyberspace! 🙂

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