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  1. These are simple and good. I need to get my mommy anger under control. I literally just yelled because she was putting her feet on my laptop. ha.

  2. Great tips here, Alicia! Anger is such a common problem; so much so that it’s often easy to overlook in ourselves and in our children. Thank you for highlighting this issue so wisely, and for sharing it with us at Grace & Truth!

  3. I think being a good role model for kids is most important – we are setting the example so act as such. Thanks for sharing these tips, found you at #HomeMatters link party!

  4. These are great tips! It is amazing how powerful simply identifying the emotion can be in helping them to deal with it. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday this week!

  5. Thank you such a helpful post – not just for parents but also grandparents like myself. It is great to have you linkup with us at Over the Moon.

  6. Great tips — I often read info re: dealing with young kids because it can apply to some behavioral issues with our elderly relative, who lives with us. So thanks!

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