Need motivation on those tough mothering days? When I'm exhausted and need some motherhood joy, here are the three ways that I turn myself around. These make a world of difference--I promise!--and can help you find real hope and joy for the exhausting mothering journey. Plus, discover authentic motherhood joy and happiness that God desires for you in under 10 minutes a day! Get a free 3-day sample Bible study of the Joy Full 5Rs Bible study here.

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  1. I was 39 when I first became a mother, so I have to stop and offer myself a bit of grace pretty often when I realize that I just might not be able to do everything a younger version of myself might have, and that’s okay! Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrivolity this week!

  2. I’m so thrilled about the timing of this piece! Being sick and having the kids out for summer definitely can bring on the mommy grouch! LOL I love what you said here in relation to lowering your expectations for the season you’re in right now. Yes! So important. Hang in there!

  3. This article has great timing. I’ve been having a rough few days, coupled with the kids out of school for the summer and getting a cold which lowers my patience. Number 2 resonates with me that I need to accept that my 7 year old will be dramatic about her life, my 4 year old probably isn’t going to be the best listener right now and my 2 year old will want me to hold him while I’m trying to cook dinner. The calm life I want probably isn’t going to happen right now. Maybe in a few years time when everyone is a little older and more capable but not right now. Lowering your expectations and pressure put on self and accepting what is is hard but necessary, I think. Visiting from This Is How We Roll party.

  4. Hi! I enjoyed reading this because I absolutely feel like I have those crazy mommy days more than I’d like to admit and I wonder, ” What the heck am I doing wrong now? ” I loved your advice! I got lost a little bit on your page not realizing I hitting “Next” would just take me into the post more (which I love, tell me how you do it?!) but I thought I would be navigating away from what I wanted to read! LOL!

  5. I was 26 when I first became a mama! I have 4 children now and they are a blessing!

  6. I had my daughter when I was 32. Two days later I turned 33. I joke with my daughter that she aged me a year before we even left the hospital. Although I wanted a house full of kids, the Lord had other plans. She is my only one.

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