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  1. Oh my goodness… it sounds like your friend is really going through a season of deep grief and raw pain. I can only imagine how hard that must be. I am not a therapist, however, I would encourage you to ask your friend how you could best support her through this time. She may need to have someone to listen to her; someone to just be with her; or someone to pray on the sidelines while she has some time alone to process. Everyone processes grief differently and needs different things at different stages of grief. Praying for her to feel God’s love through this right now, and for God to clearly show you how you can be a good friend to her through this difficult season.

  2. My friend lost her husband 2months ago. She is struggling t come to terms although I know it is way to soon to expect her to be OK. She went for 2sessions for therapy but she said this morning she will not go anymore. I am not a therapist I am just trying to be there for her. She said she will never forget her husband. She said she preferred to go into a coma this Christmas as she doesn’t want to face it. she said she knows it sounds selfish but the her body is aching and heavy the way she misses him. A little background about them: She was married to a Reverend and they really did everything together. He was committed to his calling and she supported him in all aspects.
    Can you please help me to help her through this time of grief.

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