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  1. Deb, thank you so much for sharing this! You communicated this beautifully. Love it! Yes, it sounds like I have a son that is similar to your grandson. 🙂 It is such a gift to have a compassionate, spiritually discerning child like this!

  2. What an incredible job you have done, of conveying the incredible love of Christ, displayed through a young child. I believe that we too often underestimate the depth of understanding that God can and does give to children. In my life as a grandmother who has adopted twin grandsons, now 7 years old, I too have experienced this gift. One of my twins is so spiritually discerning, deep thinking and compassionate. He has soothed me with God’s love so many times as we have faced earth-shaking trials. His love of God, his simple yet undeniable faith has been my needed balm. God can and does speak through angels, donkeys and children!! Thanks for sharing.

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