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  1. Wendy, there is so much wisdom here! Thank you for sharing these practical approaches of how you and your daughter handled media. I really, really like the idea of giving teens access to social media with the conditions you outlined. Very important for both sides! It sounds like this mindset also builds beautiful trust (and boundaries) with your teen in a valuable way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This article is spot on! My “teen” is in college now, and though I cannot say that I did every one of these things intentionally, I think we had a pretty good balance of online/offline relationships. I was also fortunate (perhaps an odd word choice?) in that she was exposed to friends/cousins who were addicted to their phones before she had one of her own. It was a huge turn off (and a fantastic life lesson) for her to visit a cousin hundreds of miles of way, and the cousin sent over 100 text messages in less than two hours while they were supposed to be spending time together. One thing I would add to this is simply oversight. While I valued my daughter’s privacy, she also knew that I had her passwords and would not only view her social media as a visitor, but could and would login at any time to see what she was doing “behind the scenes.” I did this more frequently when she was younger, and it tapered drastically as I realized she had established solid boundaries for herself. The key was her agreement: she had to agree and not resent this rule in order to have the social media accounts. I realize that I may be “lucky” to have had her agreement, but that I made it clear from the beginning that was a non-negotiable, and it was just never an issue. Great post!

  3. Fantastic article! My kids are still too young for social media, but it’s great to educate myself now. Time flies! Thanks for sharing this on the Everything Kids party, and I hope you link up again soon.

  4. Hi Renee! Thank you so much for the compliment on the site! I agree–we are in unchartered waters right now with our kids in terms of navigating tricky areas like media consumption.

  5. This is an awesome post! Posts like this one are crucial for those of us who have teens as we can’t really go to our parents or grandparents for advice because they don’t have any experience with this issue. Thanks so much! Your website is really nice by the way.

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