Random acts of kindness for kids are really fun! Best of all, they encourage kids to think outside of themselves and begin asking, "How can my life change others?" Kindness acts encourage kids to think like world changers! Here's everything you need to know to perform your own acts of kindness with your kids, plus 67 AWESOME KINDNESS IDEAS!

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  1. Wow, what a great compliment! Thanks, Deanna! I appreciate that! And I’m glad to share. Have a great week and I hope you find some great kindness ideas to do with your kids!

  2. This really is the ultimate list of random acts of kindness. Yes they may be a lot for kids, but this is an excellent reminder for me as well. It is so important to instill kindness in kids, and these are perfect ways to help do that!

    Thank you for sharing with Everything Kids!!

  3. Hi Kate! Thanks! I would just keep it really simple and basic. When it starts to get stressful it no longer is a joyful and kind experience for anyone. Perhaps it would be helpful to think of kindness more as a mindset than a “to do” list? Often just responding in kind to our kids (when we really want to be angry!) is a wonderful testimony and an incredible act of kindness. God sees your desire to spread kindness and will use your intentions in this stage of life to bring kindness to others in unique ways.

  4. Hi Amy! Thank YOU for your encouraging words! I also agree that we don’t do random acts of kindness enough. Enjoy and I hope you’re able to join us for the challenge!

  5. What wonderful ideas!! Very comprehensive!! I don’t think any of us do RAK’s nearly enough. Thanks so much for the awesome list!! Love your site!! *Hugs*

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