HOMESCHOOL MOMS: Tired of having a crazy, busy, stressed out life? Here's 7 Tips for Soul-Replenishment. []

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  1. Hi Cindy!

    Thanks for sharing your story! I totally can relate to what you’re saying about “trying” to rest. I think we’re all so desperate for it and so many of us have forgotten how to have rest because it’s not a regular part of our routine. I really like your ideas! I do something similar to your “2nd morning”: We have a “quiet time” where the kids read or nap and I lay down for a 20 minute nap too. When I wake up, I write or read (writing is soothing to me too!) and, most of all, try to soak up the silence and quiet because that is what soothes and restores me. 🙂 Thank you for sharing the post!

  2. Hi Alicia,
    What an appropriate analogy! I have heard so much about rest lately – I have been trying so hard (is that ironic?!) to bring regular rest into my day. From the time my kids were little, we’ve enforced what we call a “stay home day” about once a week – we stay in pjs and the schedule is lighter. I find these really help us. The simple act of getting people in the car to go somewhere, day after day, is very exhausting. These days of rest renew us. As for daily, I have what I call 2nd morning – when the baby goes down for a nap, i make a fresh cup of coffee and do some reading and working (I’m a writer, so it’s soothing to work…most days ;)). I really like your list of ideas and will pin it to share the love and reference back to myself!

  3. I try to do yoga 3 times a week. However, the other days that I’m not doing yoga, I’m considering meditation to de-stress. I notice how stressed that I am on the days that I don’t do yoga. It’s really a stress reliever for me.

  4. Right, exactly. It’s not comfortable. It’s like we’re wired to always be busy and to do. I think that’s one of the things I was trying to communicate in the post–that our culture places no value on things that aren’t linked to a tangible form of productivity….And, yes, then there’s the folks that seem to think the world owes them a living and, like you said, have no problem with the concept of rest. 🙂 There’s got to be space between the two extremes, right?!

  5. I know I struggle with “allowing myself” to rest. It often makes me feel guilty to rest. Like I’m a lazy failure for not constantly be doing something. Trying really hard to do more “restful” type things on Sundays, but that isn’t easy. It’s not comfortable. So weird how some of us are like this. I know plenty of people that have no problem with the concept of rest!

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