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  1. I can often see how my kids are under spiritual attack, and it breaks my heart. I pray for them every day. I was/am a victim of an intense spiritual attack. At my darkest moments, it was asking Jesus for help that saved me.

  2. Katrina, what a beautiful example of faith you are to the young girls around you! I am so, so proud of you for taking a stand for purity in so many ways. May God bless you immensely for your commitment to honor Him in every part of your life! Blessings to you today, my sister!

  3. Hi Alicia Michelle, I’m 15 and my parents encourage me to pray every day. I’ve also taken a purity pledge which my mum and some Christian adult Ladies I’ve met online have help me work out the rules to. One rule is to pray everyday. Another is only modest dress for me. So my mum decides on all my cloths. Though she also gets me to show the cloths she plans to buy me online, to my Christian Lady friends first, so I can have a peer group of Christian Ladies instead of girls. So I’m learning to dress to impress adult Christian Ladies instead of girls or boys. This was hard at first because I got teased by other teen girls for wearing old fashioned and younger girls styles. But after a lot of prayer, and reading verses on purity, I look fore ward to getting praise from adults for dressing to please my mother as her obedient daughter. We have even done some matching mother daughter outfits, as in the same color and pattern dress and shoes. Adult style for mum, children’s for me. Every one says I look much younger than I am, but mum says that’s good because I don’t attract looks from teenage boys and because I’m being a good example to younger girl because I look like I’m dressing to honer my parent.
    I like your ideas about praying. I showed my mum this page and she said it a good place for me to learn.
    Wow, I really wrote a lot. Thanks for reading

  4. I already have my war room and pray for children and grandchildren daily!! I am adding this to my prayer!! Thank you so much!!!

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