Scared to talk to your kids about sex? Yeah, every parent feels that way. How do we bring up the topic? How do we make sure we’re not sharing “too much, too soon”? This post shares about a wonderful new step-by-step method for parents to—easily!—share with their kids about God’s plan for sex. So much wisdom here for all Christian parents!

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  1. Important additions: Talk about private parts and CONSENT at preschool age. Teach them “no means no” as early as possible–starting with parents, then siblings and friends. My sons started learning at age 2 where they can and cannot touch a woman, and that they always need to ask before they hug or kiss etc.

  2. I agree with most of your advice, but there’s one thing you’re off on; sexual abuse (good touch/bad touch) should be discussed long before a child is 6. In fact it should be discussed the moment your child can understand, which is typically around the age of three.

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