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  1. I love this, Katrina. It sounds like you have a wonderful mom who is training you well to be a woman who knows how to manage not only herself but her time. There are so many negative influences in the world… I also want to encourage you to keep your eyes focused on Christ and let Him lead your future and self-worth. 🙂

  2. Hi Alicia, I already commented the other day about my purity pledge and modest dress but my mum likes your ideas for me learning about managing my time. I’m 15 but need to improve my skills. So I now have prayer time, Bible time and chores time. And I also have internet time and play time.
    My internet time is flexible but I have to write down how many minutes and which sites I read, she so can check them. And I have a list of sites I’m allowed to look at. They are all run by Christian women. Some are modest dress sites and other or Bible advice sights. This is one my mum prefers for me because it’s good for me to learn from about how Christian mother’s think and about behave as a Christian girl in our home.

  3. Hi Brie! Thanks for reaching out and sharing your situation. Every parent will handle things differently of course, but I agree that kids need to increase in responsibility as they get older–even to the point if it means letting things slip through the cracks. There’s that fine line between giving kids the tools/resources to be successful and then letting them learn to use the tools for themselves. This is the stage we’re at with our older boys too (ages 14 and 12). We have given them the tools (and are always there to help them learn how to use them best, or to research new ways to get the task done) but we also step back and let them do it for themselves so that they can increase in responsibility and truly “own” that task. It’s frustrating for sure sometimes, but a critical component of parenting! So… yes, I would say give her the tools that you think would set her up for success (such as a family calendar) but ultimately leave the responsibility to complete the tasks in her hands. 🙂 Blessings to you as you sort through this! 🙂

  4. HI Alicia,
    I think this is a great post. We have been working toward getting our 11 year old be more responsibles and take more ownership of her time. I have a question about how you deal with extra-curricular activities. I keep track of them but I laos expect her to keep track of them and in fact will let things slip through the cracks if she is negelecting to write things down etc. I have thought about having a family calendar on the fridge where we all write our activities so we are communicating. I struggle with this however because I am not sure if by doing thisI am just enabling her to not have to tak ownership of her extracurricular activities or am i giving her a tool to hep her be successful?

  5. Ok, I want to read more! I’m having problems getting my 6-year old to get dressed in time so she can have enough time for breakfast. Looking forward to reading your tips! Thanks for sharing at #100HappyDays Link-UP!

  6. Following a schedule is something that has always been hard for me. Thank you for sharing these tips and ideas to help our children learn how to manage their time and commitments!

  7. Some wonderful tips there. With my eldest son he is responsible for how he spends the hour before bedtime and is learning that he can’t start an activity ten minutes prior to going up to bed!

  8. Again, great tips. I will definitely have to keep this in mind when my children get older. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog, it’s so encouraging.
    Happy Weekend,

  9. What a great post! I don’t have any children of my own as of yet, but I do think it’s important to teach your kids how to manage their schedules so they can learn the importance of responsibility early.

  10. YES, Kaitlyn, exactly! My kids need to understand that yes/no trade-off too. I think it will really help them understand the value of our time. It’s not just mom being mean and saying no to a certain scheduled event–there’s a legit trade-off of time that needs to happen! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you for sharing! Here lately (since having my 3rd baby who is a heavy crier and having a husband on bed rest following a spinal surgery) I think I’m teaching my three year old laziness! So this was the perfect post I needed to find today (found on Life of Faith Blog Link Up) for some encouragement and motivation!

    I plan to implement a checklist for her! But your #1 reason is why. Saying no to something to say yes to something else. She understands choices. She makes choices. But, at the back of her mind, she thinks she’ll eventaully get both choices, even if that isn’t completely possible.

  12. What great tips! I’m hoping to set my middle school son up with a planner this year and have him manage his own schedule. He’s been very resistant to this in the past… but I will definitely take this great advice into account. Pinned.

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