How do we deal with those ongoing marriage issues that are so frustrating? You're tired of having the same "talk" over and over with your spouse, and you want change. Here's 5 powerful ways to handle those ongoing marriage issues that seem to never change. Every wife needs to read this!

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  1. I love what that handwritten note in your cubicle said. So true. So much of everything has to do with ourselves and how we allow ourselves to look at things. By the way – from what you wrote here anyway, your husband reminds me of me and you remind me of my husband, in how we relate. Have you ever read “How We Love”? ( It is a book that talks about different love styles and how we relate to each other. It has been so eye opening and helpful to us. (I am an “avoider” and my husband a “vacilator.” The most difficult combination.)

  2. One of the things my husband and I never backed off of was tending to our marriage by going to marriage retreats, having weekly date nights, cuddle time (yes we plan that weekly), talking out and ditching grudges. At the end of the day – ‘You are responsible for your OWN happiness’. No one has the power to do that for you. We decide how we will react and what we will tolerate. Compromise has to be realistic and given time. Years of bad habits doesn’t change overnight.

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