Should wives tell their husbands EVERYTHING? I started asking 4 questions to determine what to share with my husband... We had way less fighting after this...

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  1. I think it goes both ways. Yes, we should be respectful and charitable in things we say. However, the person who is hearing whatever is said also needs to be compassionate and forgiving if hurt. If women are speaking their minds and it causes resentment of the husband, the husband needs to take accountability for his reaction as well.

    I’m pretty open and honest in my marriage. We have been married for almost ten years now. Because my husband is so loving and kind, even when I’ve messed up and said something without that filter, he has a great attitude and half the time apologizes first when I’m the one who was in the wrong. Because of his reaction, I have been able to slowly grow and do better without feeling alone and having to hide things out of fear of a response.

    We are getting even better at having deeper discussions and controlling our emotions even when extremely upset so not to hurt each other. It’s amazing how you can still grow even after ten years.

    I can say only a few times I didn’t say something, and it was absolutely the right call was when my husband was weak and I knew I had to be the strong one for a change. He got laid off, or his car would break down or everything was going wrong for him. I would be terrified myself and scared but I had to say the right things to build him up. Most of the times it’s him doing that with me, that’s how you build each other up.

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