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  1. Hello Alicia, This has been a blessing to me today. After losing my mom to cancer last year I have been trying to balance my life and set goals. I have just been going taking care of others and neglecting things that should have been completed. Last Sunday morning my Bishop at church said to me that he saw in the spiritual rim that I was drained and I didn’t understand, until he explained what he meant. People were pulling and bringing their issues/problems to me and nothing was poured back into me. I made up in my mind that I need more of God and I need to get in a place where I could hear his voice. I need to be still, mediate, listen and go forth with the plans of God for my life. After reading and studying about spiritual growth and being balance and setting goals it motivated me to dig deeper into the word of God and study more. No more distraction and I know now when to rest . Thank you!

  2. Rest….I’m looking for my dictionary so I can find out what it means. Bulldozer, though I’ve got that one down. SMH…I agree we need more rest and order to create realistic and positive goals! Thanks for linking up at Frugal Friday!

  3. Yes, what is it about getting older and needing more margin?! I would totally agree with that! I do best when I can incorporate rest and balance into my goal setting. And that includes rest along the way (AKA margin). 🙂

  4. Valerie, that is such a great verse. Beautiful. When we’re seeking to meet goals, there’s this delicate balance we have to learn–when to strive and push forward, and when to stop and rest and be content that He’s working on our behalf.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly that we need rest FIRST in order to think clearly to make the best goals possible! When I am tired my productivity just TANKS. And as I get older, moving slower and planning margin into my day becomes more and more important to maintain my sanity, lol. Thanks for linking up at Frugal Friday! 🙂

  6. I’m the same way. I tend to “strive” so hard that I hyper-focus on that goal and neglect other things. My verse this year and my goal is to apply Psalm 46:10 “to cease striving and know that He is God!” Thank you for reminding me about he importance of rest!

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